Contact Us!

If you're not comfortable providing your entire address, please at least provide your city and zip code, so we can discern if you're within our pickup area.
Google, a friend, an ad, something else?
What do you want to sell? You don't have to give us a count, but knowing at least how many boxes you have helps us determine what kind of vehicle to bring. Also, any information you have about the books (fiction/nonfiction, dominate topics) would be very useful.
Inside, a storage unit, in a shed?
Are there any access issues we need to know about? For example, are you on the third floor? Are stairs bad? Do you have a moat?
Can we get a box truck (like a moving truck) into your driveway?
Do you need us to bring boxes? Hand trucks? Tape? If everything's packed and ready to go we don't need to bring anything.